July 21, 2024

workforce training

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In Climate Leader NY, Energy Workforce Rising from Ground Up
One at a time, New York apprenticeships and vocational schools are training the thousands of workers needed to meet the state's ambitious clean energy goals.
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ACE NY Lays out Legislative Priorities for Energy Transition
New York must make a significant workforce investment for the state’s clean energy transition: 200,000 new workers are needed, advocates say.
Shared-Use Mobility Center
Summit Explores Challenges to Deploying EV Infrastructure
When trying to incorporate equity into EV programs, simply placing a charger in a disadvantaged community is not enough, speakers said during a Western summit.
New York State Clean Energy Jobs Hit Record High in 2021
New York’s clean energy sector reached record-high employment in 2021, rebounding from the COVID-19 pandemic much further than the general workforce.
NREL: Sharp Job Growth Needed to Hit US’ 30-GW OSW Goal
The U.S. needs up to 58,000 full-time workers to meet the Biden administration’s goal of building 30 GW of offshore wind by 2030, NREL study says.
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WECC Forum Elicits Hopes, Fears About Future of Electric Sector
At its first in-person gathering since the onset the pandemic, WECC convened a forum to learn what keeps members up at night when they think of the future.
WECC Workshop Assesses Western Risks
WECC continued its focus on threats to the Western grid with a workshop on risk priorities and the first meeting of its new Reliability Risk Committee.
Belton Economic Development
Utilities Have Crucial Role in Economic Development
MEI's annual economic development meeting examined the role utilities played in two economic development projects in the service areas of 2 Missouri utilities.

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