July 13, 2024

WPPI Energy

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Members Call for More Tx Expansion Following MISO’s $20B LRTP Blueprint
MISO’s conceptual, $20 billion, 765-kV transmission suggestion took top billing at Board Week, with some members asserting MISO has even more transmission to plan if it wants to meet the future confidently.
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FERC Orders Change to MISO Order 2222 Compliance Plan
FERC ordered an after-the-fact addendum to MISO’s Order 2222 compliance plan after being alerted to an inconsistency by WPPI Energy.
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MISO Set on March Accreditation Filing, Stakeholders Push for Slowdown
MISO said it has landed on a final design in its quest to move to a sweeping capacity accreditation that will better measure generators’ availability based on predetermined risky hours.
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Stakeholders Divided on MISO Long-range Cost Allocation’s Fairness
MISO’s subregional cost allocation plan for its long-range transmission projects found both devotees and critics at FERC this week.
MISO Wraps Annual Transmission Package
MISO's Board Week touched on its 2021 Transmission Expansion Plan, long-range transmission portfolio and a joint study with SPP intended to build transmission.
Minnesota Power IRP Pledges End to Coal by 2035
Shutting down coal-fired power plants and adding 400 MW of solar and wind power are the primary objectives in Minnesota Power’s proposed IRP.
FERC Rejects MISO Network Resource Process Streamlining
FERC on Tuesday rejected a MISO proposal to streamline the RTO’s process to define and qualify its network resources, saying the changes would cause Tariff discrepancies.
MISO Will Use ATC Plan to End Upper Peninsula SSR
MISO wants to end the White Pine SSR for Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, saying the ATC transmission reconfiguration will ensure reliability.
FERC OKs Settlement, Orders Earlier Refunds in MISO Voltage Cost Allocation Case
FERC approved a settlement in a dispute between WPPI Energy and MISO over how to allocate voltage and local reliability costs to pseudo-tied load.

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