December 7, 2023


Babcock Ranch
NERC Troubled by Responses to IBR Alert
Responses to NERC's Level 2 alert indicate widespread issues with performance of inverter-based resources.
NERC: Grid Risks Widespread in Winter Months
NERC's Winter Reliability Assessment found large portions of the electric grid at risk of energy shortfalls this winter.
FERC Approves ERO 2024 Budgets
FERC OK'd the 2024 business plans and budgets for the ERO, though Commissioner James Danly called for “a significant improvement in … speed and agility.”  
Personnel, Meeting Costs Drive 2024 ERO Budget Hikes
EROs are increasing their budgets for 2024, with the increases largely funding personnel and meetings. Draft budgets are available for stakeholder comment.
NERC Warns of Summer Reliability Risks Across North America
Most regions of the North American grid remain at elevated risk of supply shortfalls this summer, NERC said in its 2023 Summer Reliability Assessment.
NERC: Cyber Intrusions Affected Multiple Regions in 2022
While none of the incidents affected reliability, evidence of attackers’ efforts to sabotage the grid “highlights the continued need for vigilance,” NERC said.
MRO Identifies Top Risks for 2023
The Midwest faces several new risks in 2023, including cybersecurity threats and supply chain issues, according to the MRO’s 2023 Regional Risk Assessment.
DOE: Physical Attacks, Sabotage Jumped in 2022
Incidents of deliberate physical damage to bulk power system facilities rose by 77% last year, driving home the danger posed by malicious actors, DOE said.
FERC Orders Clarification in ERO Budget Filing
The commission ordered the ERO to submit an array of additional information on costs related to the E-ISAC in its 2023 budget.
Xcel Energy
NERC Warns of Fuel Shortages Going into Winter
NERC hasn't yet issued its annual Winter Reliability Assessment, but it's clear that it is concerned about the electric industry’s readiness for severe weather.

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