June 13, 2024


NERC Panel Disbands EMP Working Group, OKs Guidance on Grid-forming Storage

NERC will suspend planning to mitigate the impact of an electromagnetic pulse from a nuclear attack, as industry interest has shifted to other priorities.

EMP Task Force Calls for Federal Funding
The grid cannot be protected against EMPs without guaranteed cost recovery and more access to classified information, NERC’s EMP Task Force concluded.
NARUC Game Plans for ‘Black Sky’ Event
State regulators considered the impact of a prolonged blackout for about half the country during NARUC’s first-ever “black sky” exercise.
EMPs: Separating Truth from Science Fiction
A panel at the Edison Electric Institute conference discussed the need to separate fact from fiction on electromagnetic pulses.
EMP Task Force Takes ‘First Bite of the Elephant’
President Trump’s executive order calling for actions to protect the grid from EMPs has “troublesome” timing requirements.
Standing-room Only for NERC EMP Meeting
NERC’s task force on electromagnetic pulses will hold its first face-to-face meeting at the ERO's offices in D.C. on June 12.

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