June 20, 2024


NERC Standards Teams Pushing to Meet FERC Deadlines
NERC's Standards Committee moved ahead on several projects that are the subject of FERC orders at its monthly Standards Committee meeting.
NERC Committee Takes Action on Standards Projects
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward on several standards projects, including ones on planning for extreme temperatures and providing information on DERs.
FERC Approves More Extreme Weather Rules
FERC approved new rules intended to strengthen the grid against both extreme heat and cold weather events.
NERC Publishes Cybersecurity Planning Framework
NERC laid out a framework for transmission planners and planning coordinators to include cybersecurity in planning studies to address rapidly evolving threats.
Matthew T. Rader, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
ERO Supports FERC’s Extreme Weather Standards Proposal
In a joint filing to FERC, NERC and the REs supported the commission’s proposal to modify NERC’s reliability standards in response to climate change.
Illinois Climate Bill Could Force $2B in Transmission Upgrades, PJM Says
Illinois’ climate goals could cost other states in PJM and MISO tens of millions in transmission upgrades as coal and natural gas power plants are retired.
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NERC Standards Committee Approves EMT SAR
At its first in-person meeting in more than two years, NERC's Standards Committee approved two action items related to EMT modeling and frequency response.
PJM Adopting New Web Protocols in Response to Cybersecurity Concerns
PJM's top security officer briefed stakeholders on the RTO's responses to the latest cyber threats, including hostile activity by Russia and its allies.
FERC Approves Extreme Weather Assessment NOPRs
FERC approved two NOPRs on Thursday aimed at improving utilities' planning for the long-term impacts of climate change to the bulk power system.
NERC Standards Committee Moves Projects Forward
NERC's Standards Committee voted to move forward with five standards projects, with only two agenda items sparking any debate.

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