December 8, 2023


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RSTC Sends DER Proposal Back to Working Group
NERC's RSTC decided this week not to endorse a proposed standard authorization request relating to distributed energy resources.
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NERC Troubled by Responses to IBR Alert
Responses to NERC's Level 2 alert indicate widespread issues with performance of inverter-based resources.
NERC Committee Takes Action on Standards Projects
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward on several standards projects, including ones on planning for extreme temperatures and providing information on DERs.
NERC Takes Step Toward New IBR Standard
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward with four standards development projects, including one that could lead to new rules for inverter-based resources.
Broad River Energy
FERC Approves $147K Penalties in SERC, RF
FERC approved $147,000 in penalties against University Park Energy of Illinois and Broad River Energy of South Carolina for violating NERC standards.
SERC Webinar Highlights Internal Control Issues
It should be “no surprise” which operation and planning standards are most often violated in SERC, the RE told attendees at its spring reliability webinar.
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NERC Board of Trustees/MRC Briefs: Feb. 15-16, 2023
NERC Board Chair Ken DeFontes congratulated the organization's top bodies for “a very productive week” of in-person meetings in Arizona.
Duke to Pay $75K in NERC Penalties
FERC has decided to let stand SERC Reliability’s $75,000 penalty against Duke Energy Florida for violating NERC reliability standards.
Babcock Ranch
Members Press NERC to Expand Comments on IBR Standards
NERC’s Standards Committee advanced a slate of standards development projects after moving to address concerns over stakeholders' ability to provide feedback.
FERC Approves Penalties in SERC, RF Footprints
Entergy will have to pay SERC $60,000 in penalties for violating NERC reliability standards, according to a Spreadsheet Notice of Penalty for September.

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