July 20, 2024


RF Levies $30K Penalty for Twin Ridges Oversights
ReliabilityFirst's penalty settlement comes as the Twin Ridges facility transitions to its third owner in four years.
NERC Standards Teams Pushing to Meet FERC Deadlines
NERC's Standards Committee moved ahead on several projects that are the subject of FERC orders at its monthly Standards Committee meeting.
Andrewkjohnson2112, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons
FERC Approves $272K in ERO Standard Violation Penalties
Facility ratings accounted for two reliability standard violations carrying a total penalty of $272,000.
Stefan Andrej Shambora, CC-BY-2.0, via Wikimedia
FERC Approves New Relay Standard
FERC accepted the retirement of a requirement that industry found confusing in previous versions of the standard.
NERC Submits IBR Work Plan to FERC
NERC provided its plan for addressing FERC's directive to address reliability concerns with inverter-based resources.
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Standards Committee Authorizes Shortened Ballots
NERC's Standards Committee agreed to authorize a reduced ballot period for a twice-rejected proposed reliability standard.
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RSTC Sends DER Proposal Back to Working Group
NERC's RSTC decided this week not to endorse a proposed standard authorization request relating to distributed energy resources.
Babcock Ranch
NERC Troubled by Responses to IBR Alert
Responses to NERC's Level 2 alert indicate widespread issues with performance of inverter-based resources.
NERC Committee Takes Action on Standards Projects
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward on several standards projects, including ones on planning for extreme temperatures and providing information on DERs.
NERC Takes Step Toward New IBR Standard
NERC’s Standards Committee moved forward with four standards development projects, including one that could lead to new rules for inverter-based resources.

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