July 12, 2024

Light-duty vehicles

NJ EV Incentives Target Low-income Buyers
The shift in incentive strategy, toward low- and mid-income buyers, comes as New Jersey seeks to continue its recent relatively strong EV sales amid signs of weakening markets in other states.
BNEF: ICE Phaseout by 2035 Critical to Reach Net Zero by 2050
About 20% of all vehicles sold worldwide this year will have a plug ― either battery electric or plug-in hybrid ― with sales predicted to rise to one-third by 2027.
California Energy Commission
Calif. Clean Transportation Program Needs Equity Emphasis
California must find ways to allocate more of its funding for ZEV infrastructure to disadvantaged communities, according to an advisory committee for the Energy Commission's Clean Transportation Program Investment Plan.
Can US Automakers Hit 65.1 mpg by 2031?
The new standard sets regular 2% increases in fuel efficiency for passenger cars ― sedans and SUVs ― per year between the 2027 and 2031 model years, rising from 60 mpg to 65.1 mpg.
DOE Tackles Charging Challenges to Get More EVs on the Road
DOE initiatives aimed at expanding EV charging networks have become more urgent as the November election looms and growth in EV sales has slowed.
Biden’s New Tariffs Target China’s Dominance in Solar, EV Markets
President Joe Biden directed the U.S. trade representative to slap steep new tariffs on Chinese goods, including semiconductors, solar cells, battery components and electric vehicles.
California Energy Commission
Environmental Groups Urge CEC to Fund EV Truck Chargers
Environmental groups are urging the California Energy Commission to use the state’s remaining $233 million in NEVI funds to build chargers for the surge of electric trucks expected in the next decade.
Will Final Rules on EV Tax Credits Help or Hurt US Market Growth?
According to Kelley Blue Book, the slow-down in EV sales could be a sign that "EVs are almost mainstream cars in parts of the country. Segment growth typically slows as volume increases."
Wash. Sets Income Levels for Help with Buying or Leasing EVs
The state of Washington announced it will offer financial aid for residents of modest income wanting to buy or lease electric vehicles.
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‘Converting to EVs not Sufficient’ to Reach Climate Goals
Federal and state policy paradigms are moving from a focus on promoting travel in single passenger vehicles to a broader understanding of different modes of mobility.

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