December 2, 2023

CAISO Board of Governors

‘Challenging’ Grid Conditions Led to CAISO’s Summer Emergency Alerts

CAISO’s issuance of energy emergency watches and alerts in July came under conditions that mirrored those during California’s September 2022 heatwave.

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FERC OKs CAISO Interconnection Study Deadline Changes
FERC accepted CAISO's proposed tariff revisions following record-breaking numbers of interconnection requests in 2021 and 2023.
Proposed New Western RTO Discussed at CREPC
Utility regulators from Oregon and California discussed their proposal for a new independent RTO covering the entire West for the first time publicly.
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WEIM Withdraws Change to Base Schedule Deadline

CAISO’s Western Energy Imbalance Market took the unusual step of rescinding a rule change that it never actually implemented.

CAISO Board OKs Plan to Admit Subscriber-funded Transmission Lines

The CAISO board approved a proposal that will allow transmission projects outside California to join the ISO under a new subscriber-funded model that avoids allocating costs to ISO load-serving entities.

CAISO, WEIM Approve Day-ahead Market Enhancements
Changes meant to improve the performance of CAISO’s day-ahead market and the planned day-ahead expansion of its Western Energy Imbalance Market won board approval.
CAISO Board Adopts Revamped Transmission Plan
CAISO's Board of Governors approved a redesigned transmission plan that focuses on high-priority projects amid a crush of interconnection requests.
California Assembly
Committee Gives CAISO RTO Bill a Cool Reception
Members of the California Assembly Utilities & Energy passed a bill to give CAISO independent governance but uniformly expressed their dislike of it as written.
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Calif. Governor Appoints New CAISO Board Member
California Gov. Gavin Newsom appointed Lawrence Berkeley scientist Joseph Eto to fill a vacant seat on CAISO's five-member Board of Governors.
Southern California Edison
CAISO Board Approves Summer Readiness Measures
The CAISO Board of Governors approved measures to boost summer reliability, including extending a requirement that batteries be charged during extreme events.

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