May 18, 2024

California Legislature

Calif. Governor, Lawmakers Agree on Infrastructure Bills
California Gov. Gavin Newsom and legislative leaders reached a budget deal that includes most of Newsom's controversial energy infrastructure bills.
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California Bill to Speed Transmission Development Passes State Senate
The bill to accelerate development of new transmission lines passed the state Senate on a vote of 36-0 and is now headed for the lower house.
California Governor's Office
Proposed Calif. Budget Retains Climate, Energy Funding
In California, a predicted budget shortfall that grew $9 billion since January has not resulted in additional proposed cuts in climate and energy spending.
California Assembly
Committee Gives CAISO RTO Bill a Cool Reception
Members of the California Assembly Utilities & Energy passed a bill to give CAISO independent governance but uniformly expressed their dislike of it as written.
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Will Income-tiered Fixed Costs Help California Decarbonize?
Panelists at the RE+ Northern California conference discussed utility rate design to lessen the impact of decarbonization and wildfire mitigation on ratepayers.
California Bills Seek to Expedite Transmission Projects
Two new bills would expedite transmission projects by streamlining approval processes and shortening lawsuits so the state can meet its 100% clean energy goal.
California Assembly
Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Turn CAISO into RTO
A key California lawmaker introduced a bill to allow CAISO to become a Western RTO by expanding its governance to include representatives from other states.
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CAISO Issues Report on Western Regionalization Studies
CAISO released a draft report on Western regionalization that is intended to revive talks on the ISO becoming a multistate RTO and bolster legislation.
California Governor's Office
New California Energy, Climate Laws Go Live
A half dozen new climate and energy laws took effect in California on Jan. 1.
Western Energy Leaders Explore Grid Integration
Energy leaders from California and other Western states met in a workshop to explore the benefits of developing regional markets, including one or more RTOs.

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