December 2, 2023

Other CAISO Committees

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Mixed Views on CAISO Interconnection Process Proposal

CAISO stakeholders have voiced various concerns about an ISO straw proposal to revamp its interconnection process, with some cautioning about an overly rapid timeline.

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CAISO Stakeholders Lament Challenges of Gas Procurement
CAISO’s gas resource management working group is exploring challenges related to participation in ISO-run markets.
Energy Costs Could Impede Electrification in California, New York
A study has found that high electricity prices in California, New York and New England could undermine efforts to electrify transportation and homes.
CAISO MSC Weighs Summer Market Changes
CAISO’s Market Surveillance Committee has endorsed a set of rule changes designed to avoid shortfalls this summer.
CAISO Wasn’t Gamed in Blackouts, Watchdog Finds
CAISO’s Market Monitor found no evidence of market manipulation or strategic outages during the rolling blackouts of mid-August.
CAISO MSC Urges Scarcity Pricing for Emergencies
CAISO’s Market Surveillance Committee said the ISO needs to consider implementing scarcity pricing as a way to obtain energy during heat waves and supply shortages.
CAISO Stakeholders Split on Market Power Efforts
Members of CAISO’s Market Surveillance Committee and stakeholders wrangled over systemwide market power and ways to limit it.
FERC Proposes $6.8M Fine for CAISO Market Manipulation
FERC ordered Vitol and a senior trader to show cause why they should not be fined for manipulating CAISO’s market to limit losses on the company’s CRRs,
Gas Spike Drove High CAISO Power Costs in Q1
A spike in natural gas prices drove up the cost of wholesale electricity in CAISO in Q1 2019, but changes to CRR Auctions appears to be working .
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CAISO Q4 CRR Revenues Falling Short After Summer Surplus
CAISO’s efforts to rein in congestion revenue rights insufficiencies seemed to show progress, but fell short in the last months of 2018.

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