July 13, 2024

WEIM Governing Body

CAISO Kicks off Stakeholder Process for Pathways Initiative
CAISO kicked off the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative stakeholder process required to shift the ISO’s governance structure to an independent entity within the Extended Day-Ahead Market.
CAISO, WEIM Boards Approve Proposal to Raise Offer Cap
CAISO’s Board of Governors and WEIM Governing Body unanimously voted to approve an expedited proposal to increase the ISO’s soft offer cap from $1,000/MWh to $2,000.
WAPA DSW Cites Lack of Benefits in Markets+ Withdrawal
WAPA's Desert Southwest Region pulled out of the second phase of developing SPP's Western day-ahead market after determining it would see few benefits from participating in either Markets+ or EDAM.
WEIM Ends 2023 Exceeding $5B in Benefits
CAISO’s WEIM last year hit $5.05 billion in benefits for its members since its inception in 2014, continuing the positive trend of growth tied to an expanding Western footprint.
Westside Governance Pathways Initiative
Western RTO Initiative Outlines Governance Options
The group working to establish a single Western RTO heard summaries of five potential options for a new governing body that could be independent of CAISO.
CAISO May Scrap Policy Catalog; Start from Scratch
CAISO is looking at scrapping a catalog of about 60 proposed policies, which include many stakeholder suggestions, saying the document has become “unwieldy” and it might be better to start over from scratch.
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WEIM Withdraws Change to Base Schedule Deadline

CAISO’s Western Energy Imbalance Market took the unusual step of rescinding a rule change that it never actually implemented.

Western EIM Governing Body Gets New Member, Chair
The Western Energy Imbalance Market Governing Body appointed new member Rebecca Wagner and elected a new chair and vice chair from among its members.
CAISO, WEIM Approve Day-ahead Market Enhancements
Changes meant to improve the performance of CAISO’s day-ahead market and the planned day-ahead expansion of its Western Energy Imbalance Market won board approval.
Southern California Edison
CAISO Board Approves Summer Readiness Measures
The CAISO Board of Governors approved measures to boost summer reliability, including extending a requirement that batteries be charged during extreme events.

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