June 17, 2024

ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group

Chicago Law Prof Takes ISO-NE to Task at Consumer Liaison Group
Governance structures and market rules at ISO-NE that favor incumbent interests have contributed to pushing the region into costly and carbon-intensive reliability solutions, law professor Joshua Macey told the Consumer Liaison Group.
Senators Call for ‘Increased Accountability and Transparency’ at ISO-NE
In a wide-ranging letter, four U.S. senators called for improved transparency and accountability from ISO-NE, and asked the RTO to increase its efforts to facilitate the clean energy transition.
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Climate Activists Urge FERC to Reject Results of ISO-NE FCA 18

Climate activists from New England are calling on FERC to reject the results of ISO-NE’s Forward Capacity Auction 18, arguing the auction disproportionately favored fossil fuel resources.

ISO-NE CLG Highlights Importance of Demand Response
Speakers at the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group meeting stressed the importance of proactive efforts to unlock the potential of demand response and peak shifting.
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Overheard at the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group Meeting
A year after activists took over the ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group Coordinating Committee, it focused on emissions and frontline communities.
Rebecca Beaulieu
State Ratepayer Advocates Discuss Role in Energy Transition

Consumer advocate representatives from all six New England states convened to discuss their role in the transition off fossil fuels.

Activists Want ISO-NE to Push for Renewables
At Thursday's ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group meeting, community members pushed the ISO on its fossil fuel use; an ISO representative pushed back.
Overheard at ISO-NE Consumer Liaison Group Meeting
ISO-NE’s Consumer Liaison Group held its quarterly meeting in New Hampshire, its first gathering since climate activists won seats in the group in December.
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Winter Problems, Capacity Accreditation, New Faces on the Docket for ISO-NE in 2023
ISO-NE will start 2023 like it starts every year: worrying about the winter weather.
No Coal, No Gas
Climate Activists Take Over Small Piece of ISO-NE
Activists organized by No Coal No Gas flooded the RTO's Consumer Liaison Group meeting to elect a slate of candidates to its coordinating committee.

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