June 17, 2024

ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee

ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee Briefs: May 15, 2024

National Grid introduced a pair of asset condition projects estimated to cost about $538 million to the ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee.

ISO-NE Analysis Shows Benefits of Shifting OSW Interconnection Points
Relocating two offshore wind points of interconnection from Maine to Massachusetts could reduce New England’s transmission upgrade cost requirements, ISO-NE said.
ISO-NE to Study Offshore Wind Points of Interconnection
ISO-NE is planning to study the effects of shifting two offshore wind points of interconnection from Maine to Massachusetts and conduct a preliminary analysis of offshore wind interconnection points across the region.
ISO-NE PAC Briefs: Dec. 20, 2023
Increased electrification and reliance on solar and wind will make electricity supply and demand more weather-dependent, resulting in more variable winter peak loads.
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New England Transmission Owners Issue Draft Asset Condition Forecast Database
The New England Transmission Owners released a draft asset condition forecast database for the ISO-NE Planning Advisory Committee and outlined updates to the asset condition project stakeholder review process.
ISO-NE Prices Transmission Upgrades Needed by 2050: up to $26B
Transmission upgrades that are needed to avoid overloads in a fully electrified New England by 2050 could cumulatively cost between $22 billion and $26 billion, ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee.
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New England TOs Propose Asset Condition Project Database

The New England Transmission Owners outlined a proposal for a new asset condition project database at ISO-NE’s Planning Advisory Committee.

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ISO-NE Projects Decrease in Gas, Increase in Coal and Oil for 2032
ISO-NE expects system emissions to fall by nearly half by 2032 as gas generation declines, but projects coal and oil generation to increase to cover winter peak loads.
ISO-NE Outlines Economic Challenges of Decarbonization
ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee that decarbonization may require increased dispatchable generation, storage and capacity.
National Grid
States Press New England TOs on Asset Condition Projects
NESCOE pressed transmission owners to increase the transparency of their asset condition projects and incorporate them into ISO-NE’s planning process.

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