April 16, 2024

NEPOOL Participants Committee

NEPOOL PC Supports Additional Delay of FCA 19
The NEPOOL Participants Committee voted to support an additional two-year delay of FCA 19 to buy time for the RTO to develop and implement resource capacity accreditation changes and shift the overall timeline of capacity auctions.
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NEPOOL PC Backs ISO-NE Tariff Revisions for Order 2023 Compliance
The NEPOOL Participants Committee unanimously approved ISO-NE’s package of tariff revisions to comply with FERC Order 2023.
NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: Feb. 1, 2024
New England power system emissions decreased by about 3.6% in 2023 compared to 2022, according to the underlying data from ISO-NE COO Vamsi Chadalavada’s monthly report.
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Phillips Details Reliability Concerns at NEPOOL Meeting
Hoping for a mild winter is not a sustainable plan for reliability, FERC Chairman Willie Phillips said at a NEPOOL Participants Committee meeting.
NEPOOL Votes to Delay FCA 19
NEPOOL members voted to delay FCA 19 by one year, seeking time to revise its capacity accreditation rules and consider a prompt or seasonal market.
NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: Oct. 5, 2023
ISO-NE detailed its 2024 annual work plan, while NEPOOL approved ISO-NE's 2024 budget.
NEPOOL Participants Committee Briefs: Sept. 7, 2023

ISO-NE COO Vamsi Chadalavada told the NEPOOL Participants Committee about the ISO's market value, and the ISO answers states' draft 2024 budget questions.

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NEPOOL Approves ISO-NE DASI Proposal
NEPOOL approved a set of tariff changes related to ISO-NE’s Day-Ahead Ancillary Services Initiative proposal at the Participants Committee meeting.
ISO-NE Considers Major Capacity Market Changes
ISO-NE outlines a potential switch to a prompt and seasonal capacity market.
NEPOOL PC Briefs: May 4, 2023
ISO-NE gave the Participants Committee a review of the past winter and a preview of the next — with and without the Everett LNG terminal.

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