April 16, 2024

NEPOOL Reliability Committee

NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Feb. 14
ISO-NE provided more detail in response to stakeholder questions about how the RTO plans to model oil and gas resources as a part of its Resource Capacity Accreditation project.
ISO-NE Details Resource Modeling Plans for Capacity Accreditation
Improvements are required to the Resource Adequacy Assessment used to calculate capacity requirements and develop resource-specific accreditation values, says the technical manager at ISO-NE.  
ISO-NE Details Proposal for Regional Energy Shortfall Threshold
ISO-NE kicked off work to determine an acceptable level of energy shortfall risk for New England, particularly during extreme weather events. 
ISO-NE Study Highlights the Importance of OSW, Nuclear, Stored Fuel
ISO-NE presented the final stage of its Operational Impact of Extreme Weather Events study to stakeholders at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee on Nov. 14.
ISO-NE Sees Little Shortfall Risk for 2032
ISO-NE anticipates little risk of energy shortfall in the summer of 2032.
No Shortfall Anticipated for Summer of 2027, ISO-NE Says
The summer 2027 results from the ISO-NE and EPRI joint study on extreme weather impacts on grid reliability found no risk of energy shortfall with or without the Everett LNG import terminal.
Study: Limited Exposure to Supply Shortfall for ISO-NE During Extreme Weather
Study looks at severe weather scenarios based on historical data going back to 1950, finds manageable risks of supply shortfall.
Ørsted, Eversource Energy
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Dec. 14, 2021
The NEPOOL Reliability Committee approved the Bay State Wind project’s request to increase its capacity by 40 MW, reflecting a move to larger turbines.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Sept. 21, 2021
ISO-NE will propose tariff changes as a result of “lessons learned” from its first competitive transmission solicitation under Order 1000 last year.
NEPOOL Reliability Committee Briefs: Sept. 1, 2021
ISO-NE proposed an installed capacity requirement of 32,568 MW for FCA 16, a 1,585-MW decrease from FCA 15, at the NEPOOL Reliability Committee meeting.

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