May 21, 2024

MISO Advisory Committee (AC)

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MISO Members Mull Full Impact of DER Aggregations in Markets
MISO members pondered at Board Week over how quickly the full impact of Order 2222 will be felt across the footprint.
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MISO Members Doubt Severity of Long-term RA Alarm Bells
Multiple MISO members appeared skeptical at their quarterly meetings that the RTO is destined to face capacity shortfalls before the turn of the decade.
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MISO Members Send off OMS Leader Hawkins to Wisconsin PSC
Outgoing Organization of MISO States Executive Director Marcus Hawkins appeared before the RTO’s Advisory Committee for a final time before taking on a new role as a Wisconsin PSC commissioner.
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MISO Asks Court for Injunction Reversal on Iowa LRTP Projects
MISO wades into the battle over who will build the Iowa portions of its long-range transmission projects after a court found the state’s right of first refusal law unconstitutional.
3 MISO Sectors Vote to Recommend MTEP 23, Majority Silent
Just three of MISO’s 11 member sectors voted to support the RTO’s $9 billion 2023 Transmission Expansion Plan.
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MISO: Reliability Risk Upped by 49 GW in Approved but Unbuilt Generation
MISO’s quarterly Board Week explored the reasons behind its growing number of generation projects that have the stamp of approval to connect to the system but remain unbuilt.
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MISO Members Approach Revised NIETCs with Hope, Caution
MISO members were hopeful over the Department of Energy’s plan to designate National Interest Electric Transmission Corridors to expedite expansion.
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MISO Board Week Briefs: Dec. 6-8, 2022
MISO reported a later completion of its market platform replacement and added two new members while members installed new Advisory Committee leadership.
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MISO Members Say Speed Necessary to ‘Mind the Gap’
MISO members agreed that the future generation mix is arriving faster than previously thought during a “mind the gap” Advisory Committee discussion Dec. 7.
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MISO Members Want to Revive Stakeholder Governance Group
Members are proposing that MISO resurrect the Stakeholder Governance Working Group, which formerly managed MISO’s Stakeholder Governance Guide.

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