November 30, 2023

MISO Market Subcommittee (MSC)

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MISO Shelves IMM’s Transmission Planning Recommendation in State of the Market Report
MISO plans to handle four of the five recommendations from the Independent Market Monitor’s State of the Market report, putting on hold a recommendation regarding transmission planning.
Big River Steel
IMM Presses MISO for New Rules After DR Market Gaming
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor suggests demand response offer floors and attestations of expected levels of energy consumption in the wake of a steel mill’s gaming of the demand response market.
MISO: Possibility of Winter Emergency in January
In keeping with its winter estimates from previous years, MISO said it could run into trouble in January should it experience high load or high outages.
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MISO Explains How Aug. Max Gen Event Didn’t Trigger Emergency Pricing
MISO expounded on why its late August maximum generation emergency wasn’t met with prices dictated by its emergency offer floors.
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MISO Monitor Again Sounds Alarm on Long-range Tx Planning
MISO IMM David Patton appeared before the Market Subcommittee to again criticize the future resource mix assumptions MISO is using to craft a second long-range transmission plan.
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MISO FTR Underfunding Hits $60M in Spring, Improvements Coming in 2025
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor reported that the RTO’s financial transmission rights market came up short by more than $60 million this spring.
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MISO Wants Hybrid Resources’ Separate Market Participation
MISO says it’s leaning toward a simplified method to handle the market participation of combination battery storage and renewable energy resources.
Entergy Arkansas
MISO Defends Energy Exports During December Storm
MISO continues to defend its decision to export gigawatts of power to its neighbors during the expansive, late December winter storm.
MISO Foresees Uneventful Spring Operations
MISO said a spring under typical demand and generation outages shouldn’t prove much trouble.
MISO Simpatico with Monitor’s 2022 Market Recommendations
MISO said it “largely agrees” with the five new market recommendations issued by its Independent Market Monitor this year.

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