November 30, 2023

MISO Resource Adequacy Subcommittee (RASC)

NextEra Energy
MISO: Attributes Work Won’t Result in New Obligations on Retirements, Interconnection Queue
MISO won’t place conditions on either queue entrants or generation retirements in its quest to maintain system reliability by prescribing generating attributes.
We Energies
MISO Continues to Find Mounting Retirements, Inadequate New Capacity in Abridged Resource Assessment
MISO again found planned generation retirements continue to outstrip additions in its third annual Regional Resource Assessment
DTE Energy
MISO Defers Unpopular Capacity Accreditation Filing, Remains Committed to Design
MISO said it will push back a contentious filing for a new, marginal approach to capacity accreditation into early next year.
MISO Strengthens Resolve on Marginal Capacity Accreditation, Stakeholders Displeased
Stakeholders remain frustrated with MISO’s plan to enact a marginal capacity accreditation as staff insist that the approach will measure the true value of capacity.
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MISO South Support for Sloped Demand Curve Wanes on Opt-out Provision
State regulators of MISO South are withholding support for MISO’s plan to implement a sloped demand curve in its capacity auctions based on a proposed option for states to shield themselves from the effects.
Ameren Missouri
MISO Intent on Marginal Accreditation and Requirements Based on Risky Hours
MISO is holding to its plan to enact a widescale marginal capacity accreditation while swapping risky hours for peak load to calculate its reserve margin requirements.
MISO Members Suggest Improvements After 1st Seasonal Capacity Auction
In the wake of MISO’s first seasonal capacity auction, members have asked the RTO to improve its generator outage rules, preliminary data sharing and the registry tool used to track capacity.
Gregory County Pumped Storage Project
MISO to Evaluate System Attributes Through Year’s End
MISO will evaluate through the end of the year how it can measure and encourage six generating attributes that it says are necessary to its system operations.
MISO: Sloped Demand Curve Would Have Raised 2023/24 Capacity Prices
MISO said that a sloped demand curve applied to its recent seasonal auction would have boosted summer clearing prices as much as sixfold.
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FERC Terminates MISO Show-cause Order
FERC approved MISO’s reworked ratio for use in its capacity auction a day before MISO began accepting offers on the postponed auction.

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