June 17, 2024

Organization of MISO States (OMS)

OMS Taps Minnesota PUC Veteran as Next Executive Director
The Organization of MISO States has named Tricia DeBleeckere, current MISO director of state policy and strategy, as its next executive director.
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MISO, PJM Stakeholders Call for Interregional Transmission Overhaul
MISO and PJM are deliberating whether to embark on an interregional transmission study this year as they field more calls from stakeholders to revamp their joint planning framework.
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OMS Leaders Reminisce on 20 Years at Annual Meeting
OMS took time to celebrate its 20-year anniversary at its annual meeting while exploring familiar themes of restructuring resource adequacy and barriers to large transmission buildout.
OMS-MISO RA Survey Signals Potential for 9-GW Shortfall by 2028
MISO and the Organization of MISO States’ resource adequacy survey warned that a more than 9-GW shortfall could loom by the decade’s end, though it painted an adequate supply picture for the upcoming year.
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OMS RA Summit: Accreditation, Demand Curves, Retirements
MISO players weighed the RTO’s recent moves to fortify resource adequacy, including seasonal capacity, accreditation approaches a downward-sloping demand curve.
State Regulators Endorse New Demand Curve in MISO Capacity Auction
The Organization of MISO States has publicly announced that using a downward-sloping demand curve in MISO’s capacity auction could be a good idea.
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Arkansas PSC’s Thomas Makes Way for His Successor
Arkansas Commissioner Ted Thomas says his recent decision to step down from the state’s regulatory body is simply a matter of making room for his successor.
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MISO, SPP Regulators Finish Pancaking Strawman
A working group inventorying rate pancaking issues on the MISO-SPP seams have developed a strawman with four recommendations to improve transmission service.
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MISO Board Meets Amid RA Concerns, Emergency Alerts
MISO’s board of directors gathering covered concern over slipping capacity reserves as heat blistered the footprint and forced emergency preparations.
OMS-MISO RA Survey Says Supply Deficits Could Top 10 GW by 2027
MISO and the Organization of MISO States’ 2022 resource adequacy survey again sounded the supply alarm rung from the 2022/23 capacity auction results.

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