December 9, 2023


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FERC Rejects Tri-State’s Exit Deal with United Power
FERC found that Tri-State did not demonstrate that United's withdrawal agreement was just and reasonable under the Federal Power Act.
Western EcoSystems Technology
Colo. Solar Project Beset by Supply Delays Wins FERC Extension
A Colorado solar-and-battery project facing ongoing supply chain disruptions can postpone its operational start date by 21 months, FERC decided 3-1.
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EPA’s Becker Breaks Down $32B of Federal Funding for Decarbonization
EPA's KC Becker presented stakeholders with new opportunities to access funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and the Inflation Reduction Act.
Jimmy, CC BY-SA-2.0, via Wikimedia
FERC Approves PSCo’s Temporary CO2 Price
FERC on Tuesday approved Public Service Company of Colorado’s request to use the social cost of carbon to help dispatch its generation for the next few months.
Utah Office of Energy Development and S&P Global Market Intelligence
CAISO Issues Report on Western Regionalization Studies
CAISO released a draft report on Western regionalization that is intended to revive talks on the ISO becoming a multistate RTO and bolster legislation.
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FERC Accepts SPP Order 845 Compliance Filing, Grants Tx Planning Waiver
FERC has accepted a pair of SPP tariff revisions related to generator interconnection procedures and transmission planning.
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Utilities Grapple with Increasingly Distributed Power System
System operators need better visibility as the grid transitions to a more distributed power system, experts told GridWise Alliance's gridCONNEXT 2022.
Pattern Energy
Effective Transmission Planning Requires Western RTO, Panelists Say
A Western RTO will be necessary to build the kind of grid needed to meet states' GHG goals, according to speakers on a panel hosted by ACEG.
Study Tallies Economy-wide Benefits of Western RTO
A Western RTO could yield significant economic benefits, adding billions to the region’s GDP and generating thousands of new jobs, a new report says.
Colorado Law Requires Cities to Adopt Green Building Codes
A new Colorado law will require local governments to update their building codes to maximize energy efficiency in new construction.

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