November 30, 2023


Northeast States Detail Early Efforts on Interregional Tx Collaborative
Representatives from states working on the Northeast States Collaborative on Interregional Transmission spoke about the young effort, particularly about offshore wind connections.
Public Power Groups Seek Information on Mystic Agreement
New England utilities have sought information on the agreement between ISO-NE and the Mystic power plant in Massachusetts.
Vt. Governor to Veto Building Decarbonization Measure
Republican Gov. Phil Scott plans to veto clean heat legislation for the second year in a row, saying the bill is expensive and punitive.
Vermont Gas Utility Explains its Effort to Electrify Customers
Electrify Now, an organization trying to speed electrification, took the counterintuitive step of inviting a natural gas utility to its webinar this week.
Vermont Joins Northeast Clean Hydrogen Hub
Vermont signed onto the multistate Northeast Clean Hydrogen Hub, one of the many joint state proposals competing for federal funding from the H2Hub program.
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FERC Comes to Vermont and Leaves with a New England-sized Headache
Experts, analysts and lobbyists convened with FERC in Vermont to talk about the issues facing New England’s electric grid in the winter.
NE States Seek Comment on Offshore Wind Interconnection Plan
A coalition of five New England states issued an RFI asking for comments about how to interconnect the gigawatts of offshore wind in development.
NE States Moving (Slowly) Toward Regional Clean Energy Market
Three New England state energy officials spoke to RTO Insider about the challenges of implementing a forward clean energy market with ISO-NE.
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New England Governors Ask Feds for Help with Winter Reliability
New England governors asked Secretary Granholm to consider waiving the Jones Act for LNG imports and tapping the Northeast oil reserve for heat this winter.
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Vt. to Adopt More Robust Regs for Heavy-duty ZEVs
The Vt. Agency of Natural Resources will adopt four California vehicle emission standards by the end of the year so they will be effective for model year 2026.

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