November 30, 2023

Rooftop/distributed Solar

Eclipse Barely Dims CAISO Operations
CAISO maintained normal grid operations during the Oct. 14 solar eclipse, with swings in solar production that were more muted than models based on clear-sky conditions.
Eric Goff
ERCOT Smoothly Handles Annular Solar Eclipse
ERCOT said it did not experience grid reliability issues with the loss of solar generation during Saturday’s annular solar eclipse, in what some saw as a performance check before next year’s total eclipse.
House Energy and Commerce Committee
ISO/RTO Execs Talk Reliability and Resource Mix at House Hearing

Senior executives from all seven ISO/RTOs discussed how the changing resource mix is impacting reliability.

Annual OMS DER Survey Records 1-GW Rise in MISO Residential Capacity
The Organization of MISO States’ sixth annual survey on amounts of distributed energy resources in MISO tracked a nearly 1 GW rise in residential DERs year over year.
NYISO Business Issues Committee Briefs: Sept. 14, 2023
NYISO secured Business Issues Committee approval of the ISO’s proposal to create separate capacity demand curves for summer and winter beginning with the 2025/2026 capability year.
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Proactive Hosting Capacity Planning is Essential for Evolving Grid
Utilities and customers both benefit when proactive hosting capacity planning is used to get ahead of the rising demand for distributed energy resources, panelists at the RE+ conference in Las Vegas said.
Va. SCC Orders Dominion to Suspend Unapproved DER Interconnection Rules
The Virginia State Corporation Commission ordered Dominion Energy to suspend new interconnection rules it implemented without seeking the regulator's approval.
CAISO Sheds Light on October Solar Eclipse Preparations
Sharp growth in California solar resources means the Oct. 14 annular eclipse should have even greater impact than 2017's total eclipses.

The Brattle Group
Clean Energy Group Urges Utilities to Replace Peakers with VPPs
The Clean Energy Group hosted a webinar laying out the case to replace natural gas peaking plants with VPPs, as they would avoid harmful emissions in densely populated areas.
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NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: July 22, 2023
The NYISO Operating Committee reviewed June's operations and approved manuals to support distributed energy resources market implementation.

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