December 1, 2023

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SPP ‘All Over’ Addressing Resource Adequacy
The Resource and Energy Adequacy Leadership (REAL) Team, a cross-section group of regulators, directors and stakeholders, is the answer to SPP's No. 1 strategic priority: resource adequacy.
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SPP REAL Team Compromises on PBA, ELCC Revisions

SPP stakeholders asked two working groups to consider compromise language on a pair of tariff revisions related to resource adequacy policies.

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SPP Markets+ Stakeholders Begin Tariff’s Development
Potential SPP Markets+ participants democratically endorsed the first pieces of the day-ahead market’s tariff, acquiring a taste of the grid operator’s stakeholder process at the same time.
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Markets+ State Committee Adopts Inclusive Membership Policy
Western state regulators unanimously approved a revised charter for the Markets+ State Committee allowing additional states and Canadian provinces to join.
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SPP MPEC Briefs: April 18-19, 2023
SPP Markets+ stakeholders kicked off the development phase of a proposed “RTO-light” service in the West, heating up the race with CAISO.
SPP Board/Members Committee Briefs: Jan. 31, 2023
SPP’s Board and Members Committee have approved two resource adequacy revision requests, ending a last-minute dash to gain stakeholder approval.
SPP Briefs: Week of Feb. 14, 2022
SPP is working to strengthen its relationship with public interest organizations in addressing the evolving grid and its continued focus on decarbonization.
SPP RSC/Quarterly Stakeholder Briefings: April 26, 2021
State regulatory staff working on SPP’s review of the RTO’s performance during the February winter storm said they are focusing on resource adequacy.
MISO-SPP Targeted Interconnection Study Moves Forward
The MISO-SPP joint targeted interconnection queue study has moved into its technical phase with a promise of more stakeholder involvement.
SPP RSC Finalizes Recommendations for SLC
SPP’s state regulators agreed on revisions to a package of recommendations, including one that prioritizes resolving rate pancaking.

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