May 18, 2024

Other SPP Committees

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SPP Board of Directors/MC Briefs: May 7, 2024
SPP CEO Barbara Sugg warned the RTO’s board and stakeholders that the grid operator faces new and stronger headwinds, even as it met its corporate goals’ first-quarter milestones.
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SPP’s Stakeholder Process Attracts Markets+ Participants
SPP says its stakeholder-driven culture is key to Markets+' success in the Western Interconnection.
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SPP Board Approves Markets+ Phase 1 Tariff
SPP’s Board of Directors and its members have approved the initial tariff for its Markets+ service offering in the Western Interconnection, clearing the way for its filing at FERC.  
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IMIP Sends Markets+ Tariff on to SPP Board
Independent SPP directors overseeing Markets+’s development in the Western Interconnection have lent their approval to the market’s draft tariff, the culmination of several months of drafting and refinement. 
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SPP Directors Pleased with Progress of Markets+ Tariff
SPP's two independent directors with backgrounds in the Western Interconnection expressed relief and optimism at the grid operator’s collaborative efforts to develop the Markets+ day-ahead market.
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SPP Markets+ Participants Executive Committee Briefs: Jan. 23-24, 2024
Stakeholders have discussed the likelihood that there may be two day-ahead markets in the West, CAISO’s Extended Day-ahead Market and SPP’s Markets+ and/or RTO West.
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‘Therapy Session’: SPP REAL Team Reviews Draft LOLE Study
SPP REAL Team members conducted a “therapy session” in forming a consensus position around its schedule and priorities for 2024.
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SPP ‘All Over’ Addressing Resource Adequacy
The Resource and Energy Adequacy Leadership (REAL) Team, a cross-section group of regulators, directors and stakeholders, is the answer to SPP's No. 1 strategic priority: resource adequacy.
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SPP REAL Team Compromises on PBA, ELCC Revisions

SPP stakeholders asked two working groups to consider compromise language on a pair of tariff revisions related to resource adequacy policies.

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SPP Markets+ Stakeholders Begin Tariff’s Development
Potential SPP Markets+ participants democratically endorsed the first pieces of the day-ahead market’s tariff, acquiring a taste of the grid operator’s stakeholder process at the same time.

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