July 18, 2024

Western Energy Imbalance Service (WEIS)

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Stakeholders Approve Bulk of SPP’s Markets+ Tariff
SPP's western stakeholders have endorsed large chunks of tariff language that define how the day-ahead Markets+ will handle market transmission use, congestion management, transmission capacity obligations, market manipulation, and confidentiality.
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CREPC-WIRAB Conference Tackles Western Market Developments
Many at the joint conference focused on the eventual result of the contest between CAISO's Extended Day-Ahead Market and SPP's Markets+ to organize the West's electricity market.
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Regulators Propose New Independent Western RTO
The competition for organized markets in the West grew Friday as the Bonneville Power Administration launched a process to choose between day-ahead markets proposed by CAISO and SPP and regulators from five Western states urged the establishment of a new, independent RTO covering the entire West.
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Governance, Resource Adequacy Key to SPP’s Markets+
The proposed governance structure for SPP's Markets+ service offering and resource adequacy are two key differences with CAISO's RTO proposal.
SPP Posts Final Markets+ Draft Service Offering
SPP has posted its Markets+ draft service offering that lays out the RTO’s proposal to “modernize and enhance” the western grid’s operation.
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Western Markets Exploratory Group Shares Views
The Western Markets Exploratory Group made a rare public presentation at CREPC-WIRAB of its behind-the-scenes work evaluating market options for the West.
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FERC Commissioners Opine on Western RTO
Commissioners Mark Christie and James Danly addressed the pros and cons of the West’s pursuit of greater market coordination at the fall CREPC-WIRAB meeting.
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New Study: Increased Savings from SPP RTO West Expansion
Western utilities interested in SPP’s RTO West offering released a study showing the grid operator’s expansion could produce huge annual savings.
SPP Board of Directors/Members Committee Briefs: July 26, 2022
SPP’s Board of Directors approved stakeholders’ recommendation to issue a notification to construct a 345-kV double-circuit transmission project in New Mexico.
Western Utilities to Support SPP Market Development
A group of Western utilities plans to help SPP develop its Markets+ program in the West and to examine the benefits of joining it or CAISO's day-ahead market.

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