November 30, 2023

Transmission Rates

FERC Approves Tariff for SunZia Transmission
FERC approved an open access transmission tariff for the SunZia HVDC line in the Southwest, which will govern how the merchant project can sell any additional capacity it has going forward.
Idaho Power
FERC OKs Tx Swap Between Idaho Power, PacifiCorp

FERC approved a transmission asset swap between Idaho Power and PacificCorp as part of the companies’ plans to develop a 300-mile-long, 500-kV line.

Transmission Expansion Runs into an Old Debate: Planning vs. Markets
Market Monitors Joe Bowring and David Patton have doubts about the wisdom of large-scale transmission expansions, warning they may crowd out market solutions.
Counterflow: More Stuff That Ain’t So
Columnist Steve Huntoon says a recent Moody’s report uses misleading data to make its case for investing in transmission to solve reliability problems.
NYISO Operating Committee Briefs: Sept. 15, 2023

The NYISO Operating Committee approved three studies aimed at helping the ISO alleviate congestion on its grid.

FERC Sets Niagara Mohawk Transmission Rate for Hearings
FERC set Niagara Mohawk's proposal to recover its small share of a larger public policy for hearings, as it was unable to determine whether the rate was just and reasonable.
ITC Holdings
DC Circuit Rejects Appeal of SPP Zonal Criteria
The D.C. Circuit denied a petition to review FERC’s approval of SPP’s tariff revisions setting up a uniform planning criteria in each transmission zone to evaluate zonal reliability upgrades.
BPA Keeps Rates Flat, Plans $2B in Grid Upgrades

The Bonneville Power Administration said it would keep its power and transmission rates flat for the next two years, even as it pursues a $2 billion grid modernization effort.

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FERC Accepts Niagara’s Cost Recovery Plans, Orders Rate Proceeding
FERC approved Niagara Mohawk Power's construction recovery requests for the Smart Path Connect project and partly accepted its rate schedule revisions.
NYISO Management Committee Briefs: July 26, 2023
NYISO's Management Committee voted to not conduct another cost-of-service study to update rate schedule 1 allocations, while CEO Rich Dewey announced the ISO would search for a replacement for Ave M. Bie.

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