December 3, 2023


NYISO’s 10-Year Forecast: Challenges Ahead but No Immediate Needs
NYISO’s new 10-year reliability plan finds no “actionable reliability needs,” but warns of narrowing reliability margins.
EDP Renewables
NY Sets New Wind Record amid Uncertainty over Future OSW Projects
NYISO announced that the state broke its hourly wind generation record Sunday, generating 1,939 MW from 28 wind power facilities.
NYDPS Report Shows State Emissions Down Nearly 50M MT
The New York Department of Public Service released its first report card on how well the state is complying with its Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act mandates.
NYSERDA Asks PSC to Revise REC Capacity Price Calculations
NYSERDA has petitioned the New York Public Service Commission to revise intermittent contract certificates to be more responsive to NYISO.
Clean Path New York
Clean Path NY Joins Calls for Inflation Adjustment
Clean Path NY asked to be included in any inflation adjustments approved for Tier 1 RECs, saying generators would otherwise shun its transmission project.
NYPSC OKs 2 Huge Clean Energy Projects for New York City
New York regulators approved two 25-year state contracts to buy electric power from the Clean Path New York and the Champlain Hudson Power Express projects.
NY Stakeholders, Residents Split on HVDC Tx Projects
New Yorkers were generally in support of the entirely in-state Clean Path NY transmission project and opposed to the line to import Canadian hydropower.
NYPSC Mandates Meshed Offshore Tx Grids
The New York Public Service Commission approved requiring offshore wind project developers to provide “mesh-ready” transmission plans in their bids.
New Yorkers Debate Clean Energy Policies at IPPNY Fall Conference
Experts from across New York’s energy industry on Wednesday discussed how to best deal with global climate change and foster new technologies.
NY Generators Seek State Incentives for New Clean Energy Resources
IPPNY petitioned the NYPSC to define and incent at least 1 GW of zero-emitting, dispatchable energy resources to help meet the state’s goal of net-zero electricity by 2040.

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