April 17, 2024


EDP Renewables
NY Sets New Wind Record amid Uncertainty over Future OSW Projects
NYISO announced that the state broke its hourly wind generation record Sunday, generating 1,939 MW from 28 wind power facilities.
NYSERDA Asks PSC to Revise REC Capacity Price Calculations
NYSERDA has petitioned the New York Public Service Commission to revise intermittent contract certificates to be more responsive to NYISO.
NYPSC Mandates Meshed Offshore Tx Grids
The New York Public Service Commission approved requiring offshore wind project developers to provide “mesh-ready” transmission plans in their bids.
NY Announces 4 GW in Clean Energy RFPs
New York announced it is seeking a combined 4 GW of offshore wind, onshore wind and solar power.
NYSERDA Talks Offshore Wind Contract Terms
At what point will a New York offshore wind bid become firm and binding? And how will state agencies ensure a project delivers promised benefits?
NYPSC: Offshore Wind ‘Ready for Prime Time’
The New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) voted unanimously to authorize state agencies to procure 800 MW of offshore wind energy by next year.
NYPSC Expands VDER Project Size to 5 MW
The New York Public Service Commission (NYPSC) ordered the state’s utilities to open participation in their “value stack” programs to DER projects up to 5 MW.

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