July 18, 2024


NYPSC Approves Advanced Transmission Tech Working Group
The NYPSC has established the Advanced Technology Working Group to identify and deploy new clean energy technologies, supporting the state’s net-zero goals.
NY Policy Council Holds Inaugural Meeting to Discuss CGPP
New York’s Energy Policy Planning Advisory Council met to discuss the Joint Utilities' Coordinated Grid Planning Process and review its current modeling assumptions with stakeholders.
NY Creates Coordinated Grid Planning Process
The New York Public Service Commission approved the state’s first-ever Coordinated Grid Planning Process.
NY PSC Approves $810M Con Ed Clean Energy Hub in Brooklyn
The New York Public Service Commission approved construction of a scaled-back version of Consolidated Edison’s proposed Clean Energy Hub in Brooklyn.
New York Utilities
NY Utilities’ Proposed Grid Planning Process Gets Tepid Reception
Stakeholders told the New York PSC that utilities’ proposed transmission planning framework could favor local upgrades over more efficient regional projects.
Stakeholders Question Feasibility, Costs of Con Ed OSW Substation
Stakeholders urged regulators to defer approval, outright reject or refer to NYISO’s public policy tx planning process Con Ed’s proposal for a new substation.
National Grid
NY State Agencies Support NYPA Smart Path Project
New York state agencies approved NYPA's plan to complete phase 2 of its 86-mile Smart Path transmission line rebuild project with National Grid.
NYPSC Tracks Clean Energy Progress, Questions Process
The New York Public Service Commission established a new regulatory proceeding to track efforts to meet the states' climate goals.
NY Officials, Stakeholders Discuss Utilities’ Tx Planning Process Proposal
New York utilities recommended a coordinated grid planning process with a revised benefit-cost analysis method and a new advisory council to manage the effort.
NYPSC Mandates Meshed Offshore Tx Grids
The New York Public Service Commission approved requiring offshore wind project developers to provide “mesh-ready” transmission plans in their bids.

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