June 24, 2024

9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Federal Lawsuit Challenges New York State Natural Gas Ban
The suit says New York's ban is preempted by federal law, seeking to apply the precedent from the Ninth Circuit's decision overturning Berkeley Calif.'s ban.
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9th Circuit Sides with BPA over Conservation Groups on Fish Spat
The Ninth Circuit rejected a challenge to the Bonneville Power Administration's decision to lower rates from conservation groups, who argued more funding should have been directed to fish and wildlife protection.
9th Circuit Upholds FERC’s Revisions to PURPA Regulations
A federal appeals court rejected a challenge to FERC’s 2020 revisions to how it enforces the Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act.
Berkeley Seeks Rehearing of Gas Ban Reversal
The city of Berkeley asked the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for an en banc rehearing of a decision to overturn its nation-leading ban on natural gas hookups.
Impact of Berkeley Gas Ruling Debated
A court ruling voiding Berkeley's ban on natural gas in new buildings could have national impact, but it doesn’t prevent all efforts to electrify buildings.
9th Circuit Vacates FERC Orders in PG&E PPA Dispute
An appeals court vacated FERC orders that threatened to force a jurisdictional standoff with the judge overseeing PG&E’s bankruptcy.
CPUC Program ‘Runs Afoul’ of PURPA, Court Rules
The 9th Circuit found California’s Renewable Market Adjusting Tariff program violated PURPA by capping the energy utilities must purchase from QFs.
PG&E Deserves $30M ISO Adder, FERC Says
FERC reaffirmed that Pacific Gas & Electric participates voluntarily in CAISO and qualifies for hefty financial incentives to remain in the ISO.
Judge Urges Appeals Court to Decide PG&E v. FERC
Bankruptcy Court Judge Dennis Montali certified his decision rejecting FERC's authority over PG&E's wholesale PPAs for direct appeal to the 9th Circuit.

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