June 17, 2024

Access Northeast

Access Northeast Put on Hold by Utilities
Eversource Energy and National Grid notified FERC that they are suspending the permitting process for the Access Northeast gas pipeline expansion project.
FERC Rejects Capacity Release Exemption for NE Gas Generators
FERC rejected the Algonquin Gas Transmission request to exempt natural gas-fired generators from competitive bidding under capacity release rules.
Eversource, National Grid Withdraw Requests to Bill for Pipeline
Eversource and National Grid withdrew their requests to bill electric ratepayers for natural gas capacity from the proposed Access Northeast pipeline.
UPDATED: Mass. Supreme Court Vacates EDC-Pipeline Contract Order
A Massachusetts court struck down regulators’ plan to allow electric distribution companies to charge ratepayers for additional natural gas pipeline capacity.
Maine PUC Endorses Gas Pipeline Contracts
The Maine Public Utilities Commission (PUC) endorsed a plan in which electric ratepayers would help finance natural gas pipeline expansion.
Generation Owners Seek to Block EDC-Pipeline Deals
PSEG and NextEra petitioned FERC to block New England states’ efforts to have electric ratepayers underwrite the cost of expanded natural gas pipelines.
More Pipelines for New England: ‘Gold-plating’ or Necessity?
A discussion at NECA’s 23rd Annual New England Energy Conference focused on the outsized role natural gas (and pipelines) play in the region’s power mix.
Utilities Seek OK for Gas Releases to Generators at Technical Conference
Utilities tried to convince FERC at a technical conference that the release of natural gas capacity to generators would alleviate supply constraints.
FERC Planning Review of Access Northeast Pipeline
FERC said the EIS will undertake an environmental review to elucidate potential impacts of the Access Northeast pipeline.
FERC to Consider Electric Utility Purchases of Gas Pipeline Capacity
FERC will convene a technical conference to consider a proposal by New England officials that electric utilities purchase natural gas pipeline capacity.

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