May 29, 2024


DC Circuit Skeptical of NARUC Challenge to FERC Order 841
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals seemed unconvinced by arguments that FERC exceeded its jurisdiction by refusing to let states opt out of Order 841.
PJM hit a snag attempting to calculate the market seller offer cap (MSOC) for Capacity Performance units for the 2021/22 delivery year.
New York Sees Storage in Retail and Wholesale Markets
Energy storage developers and utilities in New York are working with NYISO to establish dual participation of storage in retail and wholesale markets.
NARUC: Growth in DER Creates New Challenges
Industry officials discussed the latest developments in distributed energy resources (DER) at the NARUC Summer Policy Summit.
MISO Market Subcommittee Briefs
The MISO Market Subcommittee discussed FERC's recent order on energy storage and December's spike in revenue sufficiency guarantee payments.
MISO Ordered to Change Storage Rules Following IPL Complaint
FERC ruled that MISO unreasonably prevents energy storage from participating in markets other than its regulation market.
FERC Rule Would Boost Energy Storage, DER
In a big boost to the energy storage industry, FERC proposed a sweeping order aimed at knocking down barriers to storage and DER.
UPDATED: MISO Asks FERC to Dismiss IPL Storage Complaint
MISO asked FERC to reject the IPL (NYSE:AES) complaint over energy storage rules, calling it disruptive to stakeholder proceedings.
FERC to Examine RTO Rules for Energy Storage
FERC is seeking comment on if, when and how energy storage can participate in the wholesale energy markets, questioning whether RTOs’ rules are creating barriers for the resource

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