September 22, 2023

Advanced Energy Economy (AEE)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
FERC Interconnection Rule Sets Penalties, Ends ‘Reasonable Efforts’ Standard

FERC’s revamp of its generator interconnection procedures will impose penalties on transmission providers that fail to complete studies on time.

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Comments Show Battle Lines over ISO-NE Interconnection Costs
ISO-NE and the region’s TOs have asked FERC to dismiss a RENEW Northeast complaint that seeks to shift network upgrade O&M costs off interconnection customers.
Advanced Energy United
New Mission Means New Name for Advanced Energy Economy
Advanced Energy Economy started 2023 with a new name, reflecting both the progress the group has made since its founding and the challenges ahead.
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NECA Panelists Talk Capacity Market, DERs
A panel of energy experts took ISO-NE’s capacity market to task, lambasting the region’s Forward Capacity Market and offering ideas about how to improve it.
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Clean Energy in NY: Reveling in Opportunity, Realistic About Challenge
With the green energy agenda intact after Election Day and billions in federal funding coming, ACE NY held its fall conference on a triumphal note.
Fletcher6, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Clean Energy Groups Don’t Buy ISO-NE’s Gas Reliance
Environmental and clean energy advocates say ISO-NE needs to quickly pivot to clean energy and avoid investing more money in fossil fuel infrastructure.
FERC Approves Changes to ISO-NE DER Interconnection Process
FERC accepted ISO-NE’s proposed changes to its process for interconnecting distributed energy resources, finding them just and reasonable with some revisions.
Andre m, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia
California Legislature Asks CAISO to Report on Regionalization
The California State Legislature passed a resolution requesting that CAISO report on efforts to create an RTO in the West and its potential benefits.
The White House
House Passes IRA, Sends to Biden’s Desk
The U.S. House passed the Inflation Reduction Act, sending the $740 billion package of tax, health and climate provisions for President Biden’s signature.
Maryland Dept. of Transportation
States File Plans on Deadline for Federal EV Charging Funds
Every state met the deadline to file their NEVI plans with the FHWA, but many will fall short of meeting the guidelines that the program requires.

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