April 21, 2024

Advanced Reactor Demonstration Program (ARDP)

DOE Seeks Proposals to Build out HALEU Supply Chain
DOE's commitment of $500 million in IRA dollars may not be enough. Building private sector confidence in the emerging HALEU market could require up to $2.9 billion more in additional federal funding.
Energy Northwest
X-energy, Energy Northwest to Develop up to 12 SMR Nukes
The challenge ahead for X-energy: early planning for design, procurement and construction to deliver the first Xe-100s on time and on budget.
DOE Opens IIJA Nuclear Credit Program to Recently Closed Plants
A closed nuclear plant in Michigan could be eligible for federal funding to reopen under new guidelines for the 2nd round of the Civil Nuclear Credit Program.
Nuclear Power Wants Some Net-zero Love
Nuclear power is often ignored in discussions about getting to net-zero carbon emissions, according to a new coalition, Nuclear Powers Maryland.

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