July 20, 2024

AEP Ohio

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AEP Ohio Asks PUCO for Data Center-specific Tariffs
AEP Ohio is asking state regulators to create new tariffs that would force data center developers to pay for 90 to 95% of their projected electrical demand for their first 10 years of operation, even if they use less.
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FERC Grants AEP Utilities Waiver of Capacity Obligation
FERC granted American Electric Power waivers to alter the capacity obligation calculation for four of its vertically integrated utilities in PJM to not include load growth outside their territories.
FERC Approves Removal of RTO Adder for AEP Ohio Cos.
FERC approved revised rate schedules for two American Electric Power affiliates in Ohio to remove their RTO participation adders.
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Ohio PUC Opens 2021 Audit of OVEC Charges for Public Comment
Built by power companies for the DOD during the Cold War, Ohio Valley Electric Corp. is now part of a war fought by enviros against regulators, utilities.
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
PUCO Staff Clears AEP on June Load Sheds
Ohio regulators cleared AEP of wrongdoing in its response to storms that led to load sheds in June but said it should manage vegetation more aggressively.
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FERC Orders Two Ohio Utilities Ineligible for RTO Adder
FERC rescinded RTO participation incentives for two AEP affiliates on the grounds that Ohio law compels transmission owners to participate in an RTO.
PJM Operating Committee Briefs: Dec. 8, 2022
The OC rejected modifications to its issue charge exploring costs for generators deemed critical to maintaining interconnection reliability operating limits.
Public Utilities Commission of Ohio
PJM, AEP Address Ohio PUC on June Storms, Power Cuts
Powerful June storms and demand surges in central Ohio forced AEP to cut power to 150,000 customers to prevent further system damage, company executives say.
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Ohio Consumers’ Counsel Asks for Independent Probe of AEP
The Ohio Consumers' Counsel wants an independent audit, rather than a PUCO review, of AEP's decision last month to cut power after a wind storm.
Vegetation Eyed in AEP Ohio Outages Following Storms
AEP Ohio told PJM vegetation was a likely cause of the transmission failures that left more than 240,000 customers without power after storms in June.

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