December 3, 2023

Air Energy Systems (AES)

IPL Asks FERC to Force Update to MISO Storage Rules
IP&L complained to FERC that its energy storage battery at the Harding Street Station is supporting the MISO grid without any way of being compensated.
PJM, Retail Marketers Intervene in Dayton Power Subsidy Bid
PJM and the Retail Electric Supply Association (RESA) want a say in the Dayton Power and Light plan to keep its coal-fired plants running.
MISO: Energy Storage Could Work into Existing Market Structure Next Year
MISO could have a limited set of market rules for energy storage as early as 2017.
MISO Preparing a Place for Energy Storage in Tariff
With several projects being considered, MISO Energy is beginning a look at rule changes needed to accommodate energy storage.
AES Selling Share in Indianapolis Power to Free Up Cash for Environmental Upgrades
AES will sell up to 30% of Indianapolis Power & Light to raise capital for environmental upgrades on its coal-fired generation fleet.
Cool Summer Means Weak Profits for Most Companies
Cooler summer weather took a toll on the third-quarter profits of electric utilities in PJM's footprint.
Q2 Earnings Roundup
PJM member companies FirstEnergy, Duke Energy, NRG Energy, Dynegy and AES all announced second-quarter earnings last week.
Winter Boosts Q-1 Earnings
The brutal winter weather boosted earnings for many PJM companies in the first quarter, even while some were absorbing huge costs from strategy shifts.
AES: Buyer’s Remorse on DPL Acquisition
AES Corp. announced last week that it is attempting to sell DPL Inc.’s generation fleet rather than spinning it off into an unregulated subsidiary. The planned sale is an indication that AES, which bought DPL in 2011, is having buyer's remorse.
State Briefs
News briefs from the states within the PJM footprint. This week we include Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

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