June 25, 2024

Aliso Canyon

Blade Energy Partners/CPUC
SoCalGas, California PUC Settle Aliso Canyon Case
The California PUC adopted a settlement over the massive natural gas leak at the Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility in 2015 that includes a $71 million penalty against Southern California Gas.
SoCalGas System Still ‘Impaired’ but Winter Outlook Improves
SoCalGas' system remains "impaired," but reliability concerns have eased thanks to forecasts of a warm winter, the California Energy Commission said.
Blade Energy Partners/CPUC
California PUC Proposes Aliso Canyon Endgame
The California PUC proposed a combination of non-gas generation and building electrification to help close the Aliso Canyon gas storage facility.
California Takes Steps to Decarbonize Gas
The state Energy Commission adopted a key report and opened a proceeding aimed at decarbonizing the natural gas sector, including with heat pumps and hydrogen.
Blade Energy Partners/CPUC
SoCalGas Proposes Hydrogen Pipelines
SoCalGas proposed what could be the largest green hydrogen infrastructure in the nation, with pipelines moving hydrogen from desert solar farms to Los Angeles.
Blade Energy Partners/CPUC
California PUC Approves More Gas at Aliso Canyon
Worried about reliability, the California PUC voted to increase the volume of natural gas stored at Aliso Canyon, site of a massive methane leak in 2015.
California PUC to Examine Gas Safety, Reliability
The California PUC launched an examination of the state’s natural gas infrastructure and the rules governing it for the first time in 16 years.
California Department of Emergency Services
FERC OKs Extension of Most Aliso Canyon Measures
FERC approved the extension of most of CAISO’s proposals to address reliability concerns posed by the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility.
California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services
CAISO Seeks to Extend Aliso Canyon Rules
CAISO is seeking to extend measures that deal with the continuing threat to reliability posed by limited operations at the Aliso Canyon.
CAISO Department of Market Monitoring
CAISO Q1 Prices Surge on Lower Hydro, Higher Gas
CAISO prices surged in Q1 on falling hydroelectric output and increased costs for natural gas, the ISO’s Department of Market Monitoring told stakeholders.

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