December 2, 2023

American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE)

ACEEE Paper Says Rate Design Can Avoid Higher Bills from Electrification
ACEEE released a report highlighting strategies for avoiding higher overall energy bills from electrification, which is a concern for states with high average power prices.
Report: Many US Utilities not Delivering on Energy Efficiency
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's 2023 scorecard for utilities revealed that many utilities are not prioritizing energy efficiency as they focus on decarbonization and resiliency.
DOE Opens Applications for $8.5B in IRA Home Efficiency Funds
DOE treads carefully on hot-button issue of home electrification, saying rebate programs do not ban or restrict use of other technologies.
DOE Building Energy Codes Program
DOE Awards $90 Million for More Efficient, Resilient Building Codes
Heat waves with triple-digit temperatures across the U.S. underline the critical role building codes can play in making buildings more energy efficient and cutting greenhouse gas emissions.
ACEEE Report: Some States not Taking EVs Seriously
One report tracks state policies, the other, future need for EV chargers, but both find a patchwork of EV adoption and charger installation across the country.
ACEEE Highlights Efficiency’s Benefits to Grid Decarbonization
ACEEE released a report arguing that efficiency would have major benefits in deep decarbonization scenarios by avoiding the need for balancing resources and minimizing costs to vulnerable consumers.
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Who Will Control the Political Narrative on IRA Implementation?
Republicans and Democrats shared their ideas for the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act at ACEEE’s Energy Efficiency Policy Forum.
California’s Energy Efficiency Policies Ranked Best in Nation
California ranks highest in the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy's (ACEEE) annual report on states’ energy-efficiency policies and programs.
IEA: Global Energy Crisis Puts Efficiency at ‘Center of Policy Agendas’
According to new reports by the International Energy Agency, global spending on energy efficiency could hit $560 billion this year, a new record.
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PNNL: ‘Households Do Not Make Rational Decisions’ on EE Upgrades
Comfort and safety — not cost or environmental impact — is the top driver for people considering energy efficiency upgrades, according to a new PNNL study.

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