June 25, 2024

American Gas Association (AGA)

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Utilities Facing Increased Scrutiny over Political Activities

Bribery scandals and concerns over reliability and the pace of decarbonization have caused increasing scrutiny of utilities’ political activities.

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Utility CEOs See Ongoing Role for Gas, Nuclear in Decarbonization
Utility executives told state regulators that natural gas and nuclear power will be part of the electric mix for decades as the industry decarbonizes.
Court Sends DOE Back to the Drawing Board on Boiler Efficiency Rule
An appeals court sent DOE back to the drawing board on an efficiency rule for commercial boilers after complaints the agency failed to comply with the Administrative Procedure Act.
Impact of Berkeley Gas Ruling Debated
A court ruling voiding Berkeley's ban on natural gas in new buildings could have national impact, but it doesn’t prevent all efforts to electrify buildings.
Maryland Public Television
Alvarado Withdraws from Md. PSC Nomination
A representative of the gas industry recently nominated to serve as one of the state’s key utility regulators withdrew his name from consideration on Tuesday.
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Top Energy Trade Groups Highlight 2023 Goals at USEA
Top leaders from Washington, D.C. and energy trade groups gathered in person for the U.S. Energy Association's Annual State of the Energy Industry Forum.
DOE Wants Gas Furnaces to be More Efficient
The Energy Department proposed much higher efficiency standards for home furnaces, the first significant federal update to furnace rules in 35 years.
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EBA Panel Hits FERC Pipeline Permitting
The gas industry said FERC's permitting policies could chill development while an environmentalist called the agency's decisions “lazy” during an EBA panel.
NASEO Panel Charts Role of Fossil Fuels in Energy Transition
Levelized cost of energy called a "flawed metric" and a 100% renewable grid could raise costs and affect reliability, experts say.
Overheard at USEA State of the Energy Industry Forum
The U.S. has a diverse range of energy resources, and all are critical to the nation’s clean energy future, said industry reps speaking at a USEA conference.

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