July 21, 2024

American Municipal Power (AMP)

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PJM MRC Briefs: May 22, 2024

The PJM MRC endorsed a proposal to revise how capacity obligations for serving large load additions are calculated to limit capacity assignments to areas where the LLAs are forecast to actually interconnect.

PJM Interconnection
Stakeholders Spar over PJM Request to Recalculate Capacity Auction Results
Stakeholders filed comments debating PJM’s request that FERC direct it to recalculate the results of the 2024/25 Base Residual Auction and rerun the third Incremental Auction.
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FERC Approves Extension of Comment Period in PJM CIFP Filings
PJM stated that FERC's approval of a six-day extension of the comment period in its CIFP filings would not affect the feasibility of having market changes implemented for the 2025/26 capacity auction slated for June 2024.
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PJM Members Lobby Board Ahead of Expected CIFP Filing
PJM members recommended various avenues for the RTO's Board of Managers to consider as it weighs a possible FERC filing incorporating components of proposals made during the critical issue fast path process.
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PJM Stakeholders Vote Against All CIFP Proposals
None of the 20 proposals PJM and stakeholders drafted through the critical issue fast path to rework the capacity market garnered sector-weighted support from the Members Committee.
PJM Updates Risk Analysis; Stakeholders Present Revised CIFP Proposals
PJM showed updated risk analysis figures and stakeholders made new proposals during the July 17 Critical Issue Fast Path process meeting.
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PJM Stakeholders Complete 2nd Phase of CIFP
PJM wrapped up the second phase of its critical issue fast path process to address RA concerns with two meetings on proposed changes to the capacity market.
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PJM Capacity Auction Weeks away with No Answer on Delay
PJM is weeks away from the scheduled date for the 2025/26 Base Residual Auction without an order from FERC on whether it will be permitted to delay the auction.
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PJM Board Rejects Lowering Capacity Performance Penalties
PJM's Board of Managers rejected a proposal to lower nonperformance penalties, while AMP was displeased the board responded to reliability claims.
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PJM Stakeholders Refine CIFP Capacity Market Proposals
Stakeholders continued to refine proposals to overhaul PJM’s capacity market through the second phase of the RTO’s critical issue fast path process.

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