April 17, 2024

Arizona Electric Power Cooperative (AEPCO)

WAPA DSW Cites Lack of Benefits in Markets+ Withdrawal
WAPA's Desert Southwest Region pulled out of the second phase of developing SPP's Western day-ahead market after determining it would see few benefits from participating in either Markets+ or EDAM.
FERC Directs Ariz. Utility to Allow Solar Project to Interconnect

FERC is moving to grant a solar developer’s request to force the Arizona Electric Power Cooperative to allow interconnection.

Arizona Corporation Commission
4 Arizona Entities Commit to Developing SPP’s Markets+
Four Arizona entities have joined seven Pacific Northwest entities to support the next phase of SPP’s Markets+ development.
WAPA Desert Southwest Region to Join Western EIM
WAPA's Desert Southwest Region said it plans to join CAISO's Western Energy Imbalance Market, further splitting the PMA's regions between the ISO and SPP.

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