July 20, 2024

Atlantic City Electric

NJ Panel Backs Bill to Increase Distribution Capacity for Renewables
A New Jersey Senate panel OK'd a bill requiring utilities to upgrade their distribution infrastructure to increase their capacity for renewable generation.  
NJ Revamps Third Solicitation OSW Connection Plans
New Jersey will split off the connection infrastructure part of the offshore wind farm development and hold a separate solicitation for the infrastructure work.
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FERC Approves $1.8M Penalty Against Exelon Utilities
Six Exelon utilities have agreed to pay ReliabilityFirst $1.8 million for violating NERC's reliability standards.
Exelon CEO: Energy Transition ‘Requires Investments,’ Rate Increases
Exelon's CEO spent part of Wednesday’s first-quarter earnings call talking about how the company will help meet states' decarbonization targets.
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Utilities’ Role Debated in NJ Community Solar Plan
Utilities are pushing back against a BPU proposal that would prevent them from owning or operating projects in New Jersey's permanent community solar program.
NJ Backs $20 Million Spend on Tx Link for Offshore Wind Port
The New Jersey EDA voted to back a $20 million purchase agreement with Atlantic City Electricity to ensure the utility avoids potential supply chain delays.
New Jersey Bill Would Offer Help to Delayed Solar Projects
A New Jersey bill designed to help solar developers who say that delays are threatening the viability of projects has raised concerns about ratepayers'costs
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BPU Approves Agreement to End the Use of Coal Plants in New Jersey
The last two coal-fired electricity generation units in New Jersey will close under an agreement approved by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.
Fierce Competition in Plans to Upgrade NJ Grid
Eighty transmission proposals to interconnect New Jersey's offshore wind to PJM were submitted by 13 companies to the state's Board of Public Utilities.
NJ Enviros: Heat Pumps Can Cut Building Emissions, Costs
New Jersey could dramatically cut greenhouse gas emissions from buildings – the state’s second largest source of emissions – by replacing fossil-fueled boilers with heat pumps and other electric appliances and beefing up incentives for the equipment, according to a recent report from the New Jersey Conservation Foundation. Heat pumps can replace furnaces or boilers, …

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