April 16, 2024

Attachment Y

FERC OKs Changes to MISO Retirement Studies
FERC ruled that MISO generation owners must now give a year’s advance notice to the grid operator before they can retire or suspend resources.
Consumers Energy
MISO to File More Stringent Generator Retirement Study Process
MISO remains committed to beefing up and making information from its generation retirement studies more public.
API Construction Co.
MISO Stays Course on Sharpening Generation Retirement Studies
MISO is all but certain to enact a set of changes to its study process for retiring generators, stakeholders learned last week.
DTE Energy
MISO Bolstering Generation Retirement Studies Amid Capacity Shortage
MISO is proposing a makeover of its generator retirement studies that includes more notice and stiffer adherence to local reliability requirements.
AES Indiana
Capacity Shortage Prompts MISO to Consider Broadened Retirement Studies
Faced with a capacity supply shortage in 2022/23, MISO is considering broadening its generator retirement studies to consider resource adequacy.

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