May 22, 2024

auction revenue rights (ARRs)

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MISO FTR Underfunding Hits $60M in Spring, Improvements Coming in 2025
MISO’s Independent Market Monitor reported that the RTO’s financial transmission rights market came up short by more than $60 million this spring.
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Financial Firm Finds MISO FTR Market Needs Work
A financial consulting firm said that MISO’s auction revenue rights and financial transmission rights market needs updating to keep up with the changing grid.
SPP Markets and Operations Policy Committee Briefs: Oct. 10-11, 2022
SPP staff have chosen a hybrid approach to improve its transmission and congestion-hedging markets, focusing on equitably allocating congestion rights first.
SPP Continues its Counterflow Optimization Work
SPP is taking another crack at adding counterflow optimization to the congestion-hedging process following a late-August workshop.
PJM MRC/MC Preview: Aug. 24, 2022
The PJM MRC will vote on rules governing the inclusion of variable environmental charges in cost-based offers and four sets of capacity auction parameters.
IMM Report Notes Rising Fuel, Congestion Costs in PJM
PJM's real-time LMPs and congestion costs both spiked in the first half of 2022, driven by increasing fuel prices and loads, the IMM reported.
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PJM MIC Briefs: July 13, 2022
PJM's MIC OK'd rules on accounting for PTC/REC revenue and dealing with long-term market suspensions and discussed a loophole allowing CTs to ignore dispatch.
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FERC Accepts PJM ARR/FTR Market Changes
FERC accepted PJM’s revisions intended to increase transparency into and the efficiency of the RTO’s ARR and financial FTR markets.
FERC Rejects PJM’s FTR Credit Requirement Proposal
FERC rejected PJM’s proposal to modify the FTR rights credit requirement and opened a show-cause proceeding to examine the existing requirement.
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Stakeholders Endorse PJM ARR/FTR Market Changes
A joint PJM-stakeholder proposal to address the RTO’s auction revenue rights and financial transmission rights won endorsement at the MRC meeting.

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