June 24, 2024

baseload generation

Senate ENR Committee
Former NRG CEO Faces Tough Questions at Senate ENR Hearing
Three nominees for top posts at the DOE faced pointed questions from Senators known for protecting fossil fuel sector interests.
PJM Responds to Pa. Concerns About Baseload Plants
PJM assured Pennsylvania legislators that the state has ample power generation for its needs and cautioned that fuel diversity will not ensure reliability.
MISO Ready to Define, Study ‘Resiliency’ for DOE
MISO said it stands ready to study certain ancillary services to help the U.S. Department of Energy develop its understanding of grid resilience.
FERC’s Independence to be Tested by DOE NOPR
Rick Perry acted within his authority in ordering FERC to consider his NOPR to support coal and nuclear, but he has no power to make it provide the relief.
McIntyre to Senate: ‘FERC does not Pick Fuels’
Kevin McIntyre brought little comfort to Republican senators seeking assurances that the commission would look into shoring up uneconomic coal plants.

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