December 10, 2023

battery electric buses (BEBs)

Thomas Built Buses
Conn. Governor Set to Sign Expansive Clean Transportation Bill
The Connecticut legislature passed three bills related to clean transportation, zero-carbon electricity and solar generation caps.
Connecticut Department of Transportation
‘Innovative Rate Design’ Key to Bus Electrification, ConnDOT Says
The Connecticut Public Utilities Regulatory Authority heard from ConnDOT for an investigation of integration of medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles.
New Flyer of America
Massachusetts Transit Bill Seeks Fast Track for Electrification
A bill on public transit electrification in Massachusetts would set a goal of transitioning all bus and rail service by 2035.
Martha's Vineyard Transit Author
‘Buy America’ Hampers Martha’s Vineyard E-bus Plan, Official Says
Martha’s Vineyard Transit Authority Administrator Angela Gompert says battery vendors must catch up to the reality of the FTA’s ‘Buy America’ requirements.
USA Rare Earth
Critical Minerals: America’s Achilles Heel?
An OurEnergyPolicy webinar focused on the importance of minerals to U.S. decarbonization and the vulnerability created by relying on imports.
Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Electric Bus Program to ‘Kick into High Gear,’ ConnDOT Says
New England transit officials say the biggest challenge to transitioning state bus fleets to electric is not procurement, but upgrading fleet garages.
Hawaii Department of Transportation
Hawaii Incentives Aim to Replace Diesels with EVs
The Hawaii State Energy Office is partnering with the Dept. of Health to give away $2.1 million in rebates to incentivize diesel vehicle owners to go electric.
Hydrogen, Funding, Deployment Feature at ZEB Conference
Adequate funding, deployment challenges and hydrogen-versus-battery electric were hot topics at the 2021 International Zero Emission Bus Conference.
The White House
Biden Executive Order Sets 50% EV Goal by 2030
President Biden set a target of 50% of cars sold in 2030 be electric or hybrid electric and announced EPA would seek to increase fuel efficiency standards.
Connecticut Announces New EV Incentives, Federal Grant for Electric Buses
Connecticut’s EV program got a two-pronged boost with the announcement of improvements to a consumer rebate program and the award of a federal grant.

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