December 9, 2023

battery storage

MISO Decides Battery Storage Can Use As-available Tx Service
Battery storage that charges from the grid should be able to use non-firm transmission service, MISO has decided.
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Stakeholders Puzzled by MISO Transmission Service Requirements for Battery Storage
MISO stakeholders are trying to figure out what transmission service requirements the grid operator has in place for battery storage that charges from the grid.
NERC Committee Delays Guidance on Grid-Forming Batteries
A whitepaper on a pressing matter — managing battery systems connected to the grid — bogged down in a debate over its details as NERC’s Reliability and Security Technical Committee met Wednesday.
ISO-NE Outlines Economic Challenges of Decarbonization
ISO-NE told its Planning Advisory Committee that decarbonization may require increased dispatchable generation, storage and capacity.
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New York Fine-Tuning its Market for Energy Storage 
New York state has the highest goal for installed energy storage but some of its market structures make it hard for the private sector to pursue those goals.
Report: Energy Storage Would Save Indiana Utilities $73M
Three Indiana utilities could save customers a combined $73 million if they ditched plans to build new gas plants and invested in battery storage, report says.
Ameren Missouri
MISO: No Deadline Yet for 2023 Queue Applications
MISO said it hasn’t yet settled on a deadline for developers to submit generation project applications under the 2023 interconnection queue cycle.
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Overheard at the GCPA Spring Conference
The Gulf Coast Power Association’s annual spring conference revolved around how Texas and its coastal region can become a hotspot for energy innovation.
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MISO Wants Hybrid Resources’ Separate Market Participation
MISO says it’s leaning toward a simplified method to handle the market participation of combination battery storage and renewable energy resources.
Duke Energy Indiana
Energy Tech Group Pans Duke Indiana’s Planned Gas Plant
A trade association representing emerging energy technologies is criticizing Duke Energy Indiana’s proposal to build a new natural gas power plant.

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