December 7, 2023

Beth Garza

Admin Monitor
Proposed ERCOT Market Redesigns ‘Capacity-ish’ to Some
Texas regulators are pushing a performance credit mechanism that requires load-serving entities to buy performance-based credits from generation resources.
Texas Advisory Committee: Renewables Create ‘Operational Challenges’
A Texas energy advisory committee has produced what it calls a “comprehensive” plan to guide lawmakers and stakeholders in more changes to ERCOT's market.
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ERCOT Could Name New CEO this Week
The ERCOT Board of Directors could finally unveil its choice to lead the Texas grid operator in its continued recovery from last year’s winter disaster.
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Overheard at RE+ Texas Conference
The RE+ Texas conference drew hundreds of renewable energy experts to the state that leads in wind production and may soon lead in solar energy too.
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Study Suggests Texas LSEs Can Provide Reliability
A new white paper proposes creating an LSE Reliability Obligation in ERCOT that would assign Texas utilities a certain amount of capacity to maintain.
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Fixing the Texas Grid – Maybe
ERCOT insiders at ACORE's Finance Forum spoke candidly on the causes and lessons learned from Texas' February outages.
Cramton, Garza Discuss ‘Lessons Learned from Texas’ After Feb. Storm
Beth Garza and Peter Cramton briefed the NECA on lessons Northeastern stakeholders could take from ERCOT's experience during the February winter storm.
Garza Steps Down as Head of ERCOT IMM
Beth Garza is stepping down as director of ERCOT’s Independent Market Monitor under pressure from the Texas Public Utility Commission.
ERCOT Briefs: Week of June 17, 2019
Beth Garza’s annual visit to GCPA’s Houston chapter once again drew a roomful of observers hoping to glean insights into the ERCOT market.
ERCOT Monitor Relieved by End of Summer; Concerned for 2019
ERCOT Market Monitor Beth Garza gave her perspective on how the energy-only market survived the summer of 2018 to the Future Power Markets Summit.

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