April 16, 2024

Bill Magness

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IPF Panel: MSSC Limits Could Cut OSW Power Coming Onshore
Offshore wind will produce thousands of megawatts of electric power, way more than the onshore transmission system is currently able to absorb, an expert says.
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ERCOT’s Legal Issues Continue to Mount
Texas’ Fifth District Court of Appeals in a 12-1 ruling found that ERCOT’s sovereign immunity claim has no basis in state law.
Overheard at 2021 ISO-NE Regional System Plan Forum
ISO-NE hosted a virtual public forum to discuss its draft 2021 Regional System Plan, with Sen. Angus King and NERC CEO Jim Robb speaking.
ERCOT Board Chooses Jones as Interim CEO
ERCOT’s Board of Directors selected former NYISO CEO Brad Jones as the Texas grid operator’s interim chief, effective May 4.
ERCOT Board Cuts Ties with Magness
The names of potential successors to ERCOT CEO Bill Magness have already begun to circulate after the grid operator’s Board of Directors fired him.
ERCOT Board Fires CEO Bill Magness
ERCOT’s Board of Directors decided to invoke the termination notice in CEO Bill Magness’ contract during an emergency teleconference.
PUCT’s Walker Steps Down from Commission
Under heavy fire from state politicians over her response to the massive Texas blackouts, DeAnn Walker resigned as the chair of Texas’ PUC.
UPDATED: Texas Lawmakers Dig into Power Outages
Texas lawmakers took their shots at ERCOT as they tried to grasp the complexities of a system that failed during an “unprecedented weather event.”
ERCOT: Grid was ‘Seconds and Minutes’ from Total Collapse
ERCOT said that enough generation had returned to service to stop the rotating outages that began Feb. 15.
ERCOT Takes a Shine to Solar Energy
With almost 31 GW of wind capacity, Texas has more wind resources than any other state and is on track to stake out similar leadership in solar energy.

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