December 3, 2023

biomass energy

RTI International for NCSEA
Clean Energy Investments Near $20B in NC
Clean energy investments in North Carolina ballooned from $56.5 million in 2007 to $19.8 billion in 2020, according to a new report.
Climate Impact on Renewables Could Mean Costlier Buildout
Researchers found that the renewable resources required to address climate change are themselves increasingly subject to the impacts of global warming.
Mass. Ditches Subsidies for Biomass Power Plants
Massachusetts has proposed new state regulations that make it harder for biomass power plants to qualify for renewable energy subsidies.
Mass. DEP, Biomass Developer Tussle over Permit
Palmer Renewable Energy has appealed Massachusetts DEP's decision to revoke approval of the developer's biomass power plant.
NY Carbon Tax Bill is ‘Premature,’ Opponents Say
A New York Senate committee heard testimony on a bill that could generate $15 billion via a carbon tax, at $55 per short ton of carbon dioxide equivalent.
Wildfires Bolster Case for Biomass Energy in California
Some California lawmakers want the woody biomass from forest thinning efforts to be used for electricity generation.

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