June 25, 2024

bipartisan infrastructure bill

FERC’s Christie Promotes State Perspectives at OPSI Conference
FERC Commissioner and former OPSI President Mark Christie spoke at the organization's annual meeting, arguing against federal transmission siting authority.
Raul654, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Congressional Democrats Rally for Budget Bill, Climate Action
A group of congressional Democrats rallied in front of the Capitol to urge the passage of the budget reconciliation bill before the U.N. Climate Conference.
Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology
Reports: Clean Electricity Performance Program Killed by Manchin
Opposition by Sen. Joe Manchin appears to have killed Democrats’ plan to incentivize utilities to decarbonize, undermining President Biden's climate plans.
National Clean Energy Week
Overheard at National Clean Energy Week
A two-day Policy Makers Symposium at National Clean Energy Week provided insight into the mainstreaming of the clean energy transition in the U.S.
DOE Hydrogen Shot Aims to Build US Supply Chain for Global Markets
The opening session of the DOE Hydrogen Shot Summit provided an overview of the critical role hydrogen could play in the global energy transition.  
House Democrats Reach Deal, Pass $3.5T Budget Plan
The House of Representatives passed a $3.5 trillion budget plan, paving the way for a vote on a bipartisan infrastructure bill by the end of September.

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